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Carnation Animal Wool is a popular, traditional approach to protecting feet and toes, and can be used as padding or a general wrap around toes and feet. It provides versatile relief from pressure and soreness and relieves friction. 100% animal wool 
RRP :£2.25
Carnation Chiropody Felt is a 5mm medical grade felt, as used by chiropodists. Carnation Chiropody Felt relieves and redistributes pressure, uses a skin friendly adhesive and is easy to cut to shape. Carnation Chiropody Felt is ideal for relieving pressur 
RRP :£1.73
Carnation Fleecy Padding helps to relieve pressure and friction on heels, sides and tops of feet and around toes. 
RRP :£1.73
Profoot Toe Foam - 3 Tubes
Profoot Toe Foam provides relief from painful friction and pressure on fingers and toes, giving comfort all day long. 
RRP :£2.99
Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding
Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding reduces pressure and friction, and relieves pain immediately. The material can be cut to suit any part of the foot or shoe to give cushioning protection to heels, toes etc and is particularly useful for sports footwear. 
RRP :£1.89
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