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Permasoft Soft Denture Lining
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Permasoft Soft Denture Lining

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Permasoft Soft Denture Lining helps to secure loose fitting dentures, for a better, safer, more comfortable fit.
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Permasoft Soft Denture Lining

Loose dentures can cause a range of health problems including sores and infections, aside from discomfort and embarrassment, and can make daily activities such as talking and eating more difficult. Permasoft Soft Denture Lining eliminates these problems by constantly adapting to fit the contours of your gum, forming a soft flexible cushion that holds your dentures securely in place, even if your gums change.

Permasoft Soft Denture Lining is also great for sore gums that cannot stand a hard plastic denture and for helping to reduce irritation and sore spots caused by rubbing.

Permasoft Soft Denture Lining is simple, convenient and economical. Each application lasts up to 3 months, and once applied, you should not need to use a daily fixative. As it simply helps to re-shape the fit of your denture to your mouth, you can still remove your dentures as normal.

Permasoft Soft Denture Lining:
  • Lasts for up to 3 months per application.
  • Is suitable for full and partial dentures.
  • Makes a pefect impression, giving perfect fit and suction.
  • Is easy to apply.
  • Is safe and hygienic.
  • Is completely free from zinc.
  • 1 x blue plastic spatula.
  • 2 x tubes of white powder.
  • 1 x bottle of clear liquid plasticiser.
  • 1 x recycled plastic mixing dish.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
Follow these easy steps for perfect fit and suction of your denture. Fit one denture at a time. Never fit both dentures at the same time.
  1. Clean and dry denture thoroughly: Clean your denture as normal using a brush and denture cleaner. Rinse and make sure to dry thoroughly.
  2. Mix the powder and liquid: Carefully tap the contents of one of the tubes of white powder into the removable mixing tray. Next remove the cap from the liquid bottle. Fill the cap with the liquid and pour into the white powder in the mixing tray. Mix together with the spatula provided until a smooth paste is obtained.
  3. Fit the upper denture: Using the spatula, immediately spread the mixture evenly over the entire fitting surface.
  4. Fit the denture in mouth: When the mix is soft and malleable insert the denture into your mouth. Use your thumbs to push it firmly into place. Close your mouth gently into your normal bite position, remaining there for not less than 2 minutes. To ensure that the right contour and a good fit is obtained use your mouth muscles by pulling your lips backwards and forwards, as if smiling and gently chewing. Do not bite too hard.
  5. Remove surplus material: You only need to complete the exercises detailed in step 4 for about 2 minutes but we recommend leaving your denture in for a further 8 minutes to ensure a perfect fit. After this remove the denture and rinse both your mouth and denture in warm water. Check that the fitting surface is sufficiently covered with Permasoft, especially at the edges. Remove excess material using a sharp knife or razor, taking care not to disturb the rolled edge of the material.
Repeat procedure for lower denture (at this stage you can re-use the removable mixing tray or the circular section of the mixing tray, whatever is easiest for you).

Partial Dentures
To tighten partial dentures, clean and dry denture thoroughly and then place a small amount of material on contact points, i.e. the part of the denture that rests against the natural tooth. Wait one minute then place denture in mouth.

To remove Permasoft
Place the denture in very hot (not boiling) water and gently pull away material.

Permasoft is an effective denture aid and is intended only to hold dentures comfortably and securely until your next dental visit.

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