SilDerm Scar Gel 6g
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SilDerm Scar Gel 6g

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SilDerm Scar Gel is specially formulated to manage hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from general surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns.
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SilDerm Scar Gel

SilDerm Scar Gel is specially formulated to manage hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from general surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns. It may help to soften and flatten raised scars and reduce redness or discoloration associated with them and can reduce itching or irritation you may still be experiencing. As well as healing new scars, SilDerm Scar Gel is also effective against old scars, sometimes up to 20 years old. If the scar is red and raised then SilDerm Scar Gel may help, but if it is flat, indented or white rather, then it will have little effect. For new scars, the wound should be closed before use.

SilDerm Scar Gel contains silicone which has been proven to flatten, soften, smooth and dramatically improve the discoloration of aggressive scars, as well as relieving itchiness and discomfort. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists support the use of silicone in the management of scars. The gel forms a custom fitted silicone sheet over the scar that is waterproof, flexible and gas permeable. It forms a bond with outer layer of dead skin cells to create a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial invasion of the scar site while assisting with hydration. This creates an environment that allows the scar to mature through the skin's normal collagen synthesis cycles to improve the physiological and cosmetic appearance of the scar.

SilDerm Scar Gel is suitable for adults and children of all skin types and colours, including sensitive skin. It is 100% odour free.

SilDerm Scar Gel should be used for a minimum of 3 months and continued until you stop seeing an improvement. You should see an improvement within 90 days, although some results should be seen after about two weeks. 
  • Ensure that the affected area is clean and dry.
  • Apply SilDerm Scar Gel to the area as a very thin layer and allow to dry.
  • Apply SilDerm Scar Gel twice daily.
  • For maximum effect, SilDerm Scar Gel should have 24 hour contact with the skin.
  • Once dry, SilDerm Scar Gel can be covered with sun block or cosmetics.
  • If SilDerm Scar Gel has not dried within 4–5 minutes, you have probably used too much. Gently remove the excess and allow the drying process to continue.
Dimethicone, Alkyl methicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclicmethicone, Silicate.
  • SilDerm Scar Gel is for external use only.
  • Direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, third degree burns and open wounds should be avoided.
  • SilDerm Scar Gel should not be used on dermatological conditions that disrupt the integrity of the skin.
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