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Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack

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Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack is a safe, efficient way to cleanse the vagina and support the growth of good bacteria to maintain a healthy vagina.
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Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack is a safe, efficient way to cleanse the vagina and support the growth of good bacteria to maintain a healthy vagina. Good vaginal hygiene is of the utmost importance in preventing infections such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush, and is essential for a fast recovery if you already have a vaginal infection.

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack:
  • Cleans the vagina.
  • Rinses away blood residue post menstruation.
  • Prevents bacterial and vaginal infections and supports the treatment of fungal (yeast) as well.
  • Gets rid of odour.
  • Supports the growth of lactobacilli.
  • Optimises the natural vaginal pH.
  • Aids in removing semen post intercourse.
Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack contains one cleverly designed vaginal douche and 10 effervescent tablets.

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche

The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche offers a number of great improvements over all existing designs and therefore is the only vaginal douche that has been classified as a Class I medical device according to the CE directive. The innovative design ensures maximum benefit and meets all the requirements and wishes of a vaginal douche as specified in a large survey amongst women and professionals.
  • Flushes clean, efficiently and gently.
  • Can only flush and will not spray even when the reservoir is squeezed hard.
  • Prevents build up of excessive pressure and will not damage the cervical plug.
  • A one way valve prevents back flow.
  • Can be used in any position: sitting, standing or lying down.
  • Will not leak, even when held upside down.
  • Nozzle will not collect dirt as other ribbed models do.
  • Easy to squeeze the fluid out with one hand.
Multi-Gyn Tablets

Multi-Gyn Tablets are concentrated effervescent tablets containing only natural ingredients that when used with the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche, create the perfect douching combination for safe cleaning.

Multi-Gyn Tablets support the growth of lactobacilli, the good bacteria in the vagina to support a natural and healthy vaginal flora. They also contain aloe vera extract, which optimises the condition of the tissue.

Multi-Gyn Tablets do not contain any hormones, preservatives, perfume or toxic substances so are completely safe and do not have any harmful side effects so can even be used during pregnancy and lactation.

This vaginal douche can be used in various positions; sitting on the toilet, lying down in the bath tub or standing under the shower. It is important that the douching fluid can flush away freely during douching. Find yourself the most comfortable way to douche.
  1. Add luke warm water up to the top of the ribs.
  2. Break the Multi-Gyn Tablet and put it in the bottle.
  3. Screw the applicator on the bottle and wait until the tablet has dissolved and stops fizzing.
  4. Bring the applicator gently into the vagina, in the most comfortable position of choice. Make sure the douching fluid can run out freely.
  5. Squeeze the bottle 1 x gently and fully to cleanse the vagina with the douching fluid. The bottle does not need to be completely emptied.
  6. Rinse the bottle and applicator clean with warm water. 

The frequency of douching depends on the individual condition of the vagina (some women are more susceptible to discomforts than others), lifestyle, (unprotected) sexual activity, menstruation etc.
  • For good vaginal hygiene it is usually sufficient to use the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche once per week.
  • When there is a need for extra vaginal hygiene e.g. after menstruation or for the prevention of vaginal discomfort, douching three times per week is sufficient (once every other day).
  • For the relief of vaginal problems and for the support of the treatment of a vaginal infection it is advisable to douche twice a day for 5 days.
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Powder, Lactose, Ascorbic Acid.
  • It is imperative to not over-clean, or use more often than is recommended. This means douching several times a week is not ideal for a healthy vaginal environment as it can upset the natural bacteria in the vagina, known as the vagina flora, leading to more complicated conditions.
  • The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche should never been boiled or put in boiling hot water, because it will be deformed beyond repair. When you wish to disinfect the douche, rinse with diluted chlorine. When the ribs of the bottle get dirty, you can use an old toothbrush to clean it.
  • As far as known the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche can be used safely during a normal pregnancy. If you wish to become pregnant, it is advised not to use the vaginal douche until at least one day after sexual intercourse.
  • A vaginal douche cannot be used as a contraceptive measure. 
  • In case of persistent complaints, always contact a doctor.
Always read the product information. Click on the link below to view the Patient Information Leaflet. Requires Adobe Reader – if you cannot open the file, please click here to download.

PDF Image Patient Information Leaflet
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