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Total Sweet Natural Sugar Alternative 225g

Total Sweet Natural Sugar Alternative 225g

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Total Sweet is a xylitol sugar alternative, that looks, feels and tastes just like sugar, but is totally natural, has 40% less calories, 75% less available carbohydrates, a GI value of just 7 and actively promotes healthy teeth.
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Total Sweet Natural Sugar Alternative

Total Sweet xylitol allows you to enjoy sweet foods and drink without the guilt of indulgence.

At Healthy by Nature we believe the key to losing weight and staying healthy is eating sensibly and taking regular exercise.

We also believe that when dieting, it is important not to sacrifice other areas of your health by eating artificial and bland foods, which is why Total Sweet is so special, being both 100% natural and tasty.

Of course Total Sweet’s benefits aren’t just about it helping with weight loss, it’s also been found to have fantastic dental benefits and is suitable for diabetics.


Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweet tasting substance that looks and tastes just like sugar, but has various healthy benefits. Xylitol is found in a whole host of plants and fruits, such as raspberries, plums and strawberries, and is even made in small amounts by the human body.

Not all Xylitol is the same…

The xylitol used in Total Sweet is of the highest possible quality and is always GMO Free.

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