Bug Buster Kit
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Bug Buster Kit

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Bug Buster Kit is the reuseable, pesticide free way to rid your family of head lice.
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Bug Buster Kit

Bug Buster Kit contains a selection of combs that removes adult lice, baby lice and nits without the need to buy expensive shampoos and sprays - simply use with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Bug Buster combs use specially developed bevel-edged teeth which pick up head lice that other fine tooth combs miss. The teeth are precisely spaced, close enough to swiftly lift out newly-hatched head lice, whilst still allowing easy movement through the hair.

Lice cannot become immune to the Bug Busting method, which fits in with your weekly hairwashing to keep you in control of head lice.

One reuseable Bug Buster Kit is all you need for the whole family. Each kit contains:
  • 1 x Wide-tooth comb: untangles and straightens before you use your Bug Buster combs.
  • 1 x Bug Buster: removes head lice including baby lice.
  • 2 x Mini Bug Buster: specially designed for young heads.
  • 1 x Nit Buster: removes unsightly eggshells (nits).
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions.
  • 28 page explanatory booklet.
  • Waterproof cape.
  • Fun stickers.
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