Ricola Lozenges Bag Lemon Mint 70g x 12

Ricola Lozenges Bag Lemon Mint 70g x 12

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Ricolas herbs are grown in the beautiful and tranquil mountains of Switzerland.
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Ricola Lozenges Bag Lemon Mint 70g x 12

The pleasant and fresh aromatic herb originates from the eastern Mediterranean. Its soothing effect is widely appreciated.

The herbs for this refreshing herb drop are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using organic farming methods without chemical pesticide.
Content per herb drop (3.6g): Vitamin C 18.2mg, extract of Lemon Mint and Ricola 13-herb blend 11.5mg, Lemon oil 2.2mg, Peppermint oil 1.2mg, Menthol 0.6mg, isomalt, natural flavoring, aspartame, acesulfame-k, Content per herb drop (= 3.6g).
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