Vype ePen Caps Crisp Mint 3s

Vype ePen Caps Crisp Mint 3s

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Vype ePen Caps Crisp Mint are for use with the Vype ePen only.
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Vype ePen Caps Crisp Mint

Vype ePen Caps Crisp Mint are for use with the Vype ePen only. The flavour is an expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation created by world-class flavour experts and is made using only quality ingredients, including pharmaceutical grade nicotine at a strength of 18mg/ml. A team of more than 50 scientists working in Vype's state-of-the-art research and development facilities in the UK has rigorously tested the quality of Vype vapour so you can be assured of purity, taste and consistency with every puff.

Each pack contains of Vype ePen Caps contains 3 caps delivering a total of 1080 puffs.
  • Only use Vype ePen Caps with the Vype ePen device.
  • Remove the silicone cover from the Vype ePen Cap before screwing it onto the Vype ePen Battery. Be careful not to over-tighten.
  • Once the Vype ePen Cap is securely attached to the battery, place the Vype ePen top back over the Cap and push gently to secure.
  • To switch on your Vype ePen, rapidly click the double arrow button three times.
  • To begin your vaping experience, press one of the two buttons and hold it down whilst inhaling vapour.
  • Each ePen Cap is designed for single use. You should not attempt to refill as this may lead to leakage and damage your device.
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