Cadesorb Ointment 2x20g

Cadesorb Ointment 2x20g

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Cadesorb Ointment absorbs exudate, removes slough to cleanse the wound bed and promotes healing in chronic wounds by managing the wound environment.
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Cadesorb Ointment

Cadesorb Ointment is a starch based sterile ointment that controls local wound pH, thereby modulating protease activity. By doing so, in addition to managing slough and exudate, it will help correct the natural balance in chronic wounds and help to stimulate healing. Studies have shown that chronic wounds have a typical pH value of around 7–8 and there is evidence to suggest that a slightly acidic environment may promote healing of open wounds. Ex- vivo studies have shown that treating wound fluid with Cadesorb Ointment lowers this pH value to around pH 5 thus allowing protease activity levels to return to those of a healing wound.

Cadesorb Ointment is capable of removing slough and debris from the wound and will manage exudate from the wound for up to 3 days depending on the level of drainage. It is naturally broken down by the body over time, so any remaining ointment does not cause an issue. 
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