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ActiFormCool Dressings (All Sizes)

ActiFormCool Dressings (All Sizes)

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ActiFormCool Dressings are ideal for painful wounds and skin conditions such as leg ulcers, radiation therapy damage, burns and scalds.
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ActiFormCool Dressings

ActiFormCool Dressings have been designed to manage nociceptive wound pain and to assist in autolytic debridement by hydrating necrotic and sloughy tissue. They are ideal for painful wounds and skin conditions such as leg ulcers, radiation therapy damage, burns and scalds and may be used with secondary dressings where appropriate. They are also highly effective at absorbing exudate so can be used under compression on moderate to highly exuding wounds.

ActiFormCool Dressings are non-adhesive and consist of two sided, transparent hydrogel formed around a supporting polyethylene matrix. The gel is permeable to water vapour, gases and small protein molecules, but impermeable to bacteria. They provide a moist environment at the surface of the wound and will not adhere to the underlying tissue on removal, provided the dressing has not been allowed to dry out. Should a degree of drying take place then they can simply be rehydrated with saline or water to facilitate removal.
  1. Remove sterile dressing from the package.
  2. For treating larger areas several dressings may be used side by side. For smaller areas/wounds the dressing may be cut to size.
  3. Peel off one of the white plastic liners, position on the wound or skin, smooth into place and peel off the remaining half.
  4. Secure with a suitable bandage, tape or compression system.
  5. Where extra absorbency is required, the dressing may be layered, by removing the top liner of the first dressing, then applying a second dressing of ActiFormCool, leaving the top liner in place. Absorbent pads may be used.
Frequency of change

ActiFormCool should be changed as often as the wound/condition dictates. As with all absorptive dressings, frequent monitoring is required to ensure the dressing does not dry out and adhere to the wound. The dressing should be changed when it becomes cloudy or opaque from fluid absorption. The dressing should be changed at the first sign of fluid strike through. If infection is suspected, frequent changes and monitoring are advised. 

  1. Lift one corner and gently peel off the dressing.
  2. If needed, the dressing can be soaked with water or saline to rehydrate it, then peeled off as per step 1.
  3. As fluid is absorbed into the dressing it takes on a jelly like appearance, taking on the colour of the exudate. This is normal and shows absorption has occurred.
  • ActiFormCool should not be used as a covering on deep, narrow cavities or sinuses.
  • Accurate wound and patient assessment is essential before commencing treatment.
  • Haemostasis should be achieved prior to dressing application.
  • The wound should be checked frequently. The absorption process may be rapid with ActiFormCool and the wound may become drier than expected.
  • Close nursing supervision is advised when used on lightly exuding wounds.
  • As with all dressings, skin and wound monitoring is advised, particularly where clinical infection is suspected. In this case, appropriate antibiotics should be given.
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