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Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers
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Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers

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Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers

Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers insoles have a maximum strength deodorising formula specifically for trainers. No matter how hard you wear your work shoes, this tough insole will stand up to the punishment and keep working non-stop. One Pair, cut to size, will fit any size shoe.Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers insoles even destroy odour at night when your not wearing them. Only Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers give unique triple odour protection, clinically proven as best for all work shoes and boots.Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers contain:

1. Activated Charcoal, the world's most powerful odour destroyer.
2. Instafresh, which instantly neutralises the cause of foot odour, sweat acid.
3. A powerful antibacterial agent which kills odour-causing bacteria.

Odor-Eaters Trainer Tamers insoles have a special comfort grip foam which won't slip, slide or bunch up.
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