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Profoot 24 Hour Feet Reusable Gel Cushions
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Profoot 24 Hour Feet Reusable Gel Cushions

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Profoot 24 Hour Feet Reusable Gel Cushions

  • All day cushioning for tired feet!
  • The perfect companion for high heels, court shoes and sandals
  • Gel cushion design keeps feet comfortable all day
  • Won't slip out of place
Profoot 24 Hour Feet invisibly cushion the balls of your feet, helping to prevent soreness and giving all-day comfort. Wear them in any high heels, boots or sandals.
  • New and improved: gel underside ensures it won't move.
  • Comfortable - unique design offers superb cushioning
  • 'Invisible' - won't change the look of the footwear
  • Transferable - can be moved between shoes without any damage
Wipe inside of shoe clean. Peel off plastic cover from bottom of Profoot 24 Hour Feet. Place into shoes with patterned side facing up. Pointed end should face the heel. Position for most comfortable fit under the balls of your feet. Replace every six months.


If needed, wash with water and mild soap. Air dry only.
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