Profoot Toe Beds
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Profoot Toe Beds

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Profoot Toe Beds

Invisible advanced gel cushioning.
  • New improved design
  • Reduces discomfort and pain under the ball of foot
  • Superb pressure and friction relief
  • Women's - one size fits all
  • 1 pair per pack
Enjoy all-day comfort with Profoot Toe Beds, a revolutionary toe and ball of foot (metatarsal) cushion. Toe Beds' uniquely designed toe impressions gently align toes, promoting proper toe placement and helping to prevent painful corns. The impact cushioning ball of foot pad helps prevent fatigue and callus formation and the unpleasant feeling of walking on stones.

Use to help:
  • Relieve burning sensation under ball of foot
  • Reduce hard skin build-up
  • Prevent corns
  • Relieve metatarsalgia pain
  • Improve fit of court shoes
Test placement of Toe Beds. Trim to fit if necessary with sharp scissors, being careful not to cut too small. Peel off backing and press firmly in desired location.
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