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Bazuka Treatment Gel 6g
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Bazuka Treatment Gel 6g

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Bazuka Treatment Gel

Bazuka Treatment Gel works to break down and remove verrucas, warts, corns and calluses

Warts and verrucas are small excessive growths of skin caused by a particular virus. The virus is highly infectious and warts and verrucas may grow and spread, particularly if left untreated. The virus can even be transferred from one person to another. Warts often occur on the fingers, or on the back of the hands. You can recognise the common wart by the rough “cauliflower-like” appearance of the surface. Verrucas occur only on the sole of the foot, and are recognised by their tenderness and the interruption of the footprint pattern.

Bazuka Treatment Gel softens the skin growth, thus assisting removal of the excessive skin with an emery board or pumice stone. Bazuka Treatment Gel also helps to kill the virus within the wart or verruca.

Corns and calluses are hard, thick pads of skin caused by pressure and friction – usually on the feet due to poorly fitting shoes, or on the hands. The skin-softening action of Bazuka Treatment Gel is helpful in the mechanical removal of this skin, again with the aid of an emery board or pumice stone.

Bazuka Treatment Gel contains the active ingredients salicylic acid (12% w/w) and lactic acid (4% w/w). The other ingredients are camphor, pyroxylin, ethanol and ethyl acetate

Before initial use, it will be necessary to pierce the membrane seal in the neck of the tube. To do this, you should find a suitable surface, in case of accidental spillage. Hold the tube upright, with the cap uppermost and the base resting on a suitable firm surface. Unscrew and remove the combined white-and-green nozzle/cap assembly from the tube. Remove the red collar and throw it away. Keep the tube upright for 30 seconds. Then, without squeezing or over-gripping the tube, and with it still held upright and well away from your face:
replace the combined white-and-green nozzle/cap assembly onto the screw thread of the tube (taking care to avoid ‘cross-threading’) and tighten the assembly firmly to pierce the membrane;
briefly loosen the green cap (to release any slight pressure in the tube) and then retighten.
(Please note that, once in place, a small gap will remain between the base of the nozzle/cap and the top of the tube.)
You should apply Bazuka Extra Strength Gel to your verruca, wart, corn or callus, once every day, usually in the evening. Repeat the following daily treatment routine until your verruca, wart, corn or callus has disappeared.

1. Soak the affected area in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Dry the area thoroughly with your own towel used only for the affected area (to avoid cross-infection).
3. Remove the protective green cap, leaving the white nozzle attached to the tube. Carefully apply a thin coating (one or two drops) of the gel to the top of the verruca, wart, corn or callus, and allow it to dry for a few minutes to form a small white patch which sticks to the skin and is water-resistant. There is no need to cover it with a sticking plaster. Take care to avoid the gel spreading onto surrounding healthy skin, as this may cause inflammation. Do not apply excessively. Always replace the protective green cap after use. Do not fold the tube during use.
4. Carefully apply a thin coating (one or two drops) of the gel to the top of the wart, verruca,corn or callus only. Avoid the gel spreading to the surrounding healthy skin; allow the gel to dry for a few minutes to form a small white patch that sticks to the treated area and is water resistant; there is no need to cover the treated area with a sticking plaster; always replace the protective green cap after use.
5. The next evening, carefully peel or pick off the white patch of dried gel from the wart, verruca, corn or callus. Apply fresh gel as described above; if removal of the white patch is difficult, carefully re-apply the gel directly over it and leave it to dry. This will thicken the white patch and make it easier to remove.
6. Once every week, before applying fresh gel, gently rub the wart, verruca, corn or callus with the emery board provided, or a pumice stone. If you are treating a wart or verruca, do not let anyone else use the emery board or pumice stone as the infection may spread to them.
7. The length of treatment will vary depending on the size and resistance of the wart, verruca, corn or callus.
Always read the product information. Click on the link below to view the Patient Information Leaflet. Requires Adobe Reader – if you cannot open the file, please click here to download.

PDF Image Patient Information Leaflet
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