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Suresign Digital Thermometer
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Suresign Digital Thermometer

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Suresign Digital Thermometer measures body temperature with professional accuracy in just 30 seconds.
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Suresign Digital Thermometer

Suresign Digital Thermometer measures body temperature with professional accuracy in just 30 seconds. Suitable for oral, underarm or rectal use, it can be used for all the family, including babies and children.

Suresign Digital Thermometer is waterproof and has a flexible tip, ensuring that is safe and comfortable to use. It has a large display for easy reading of results as well as an automatic recall of the last measurement so you can easily spot a change in temperature.

Suresign Digital Thermometer beeps when the temperature has been measured and also features a separate fever alarm which beeps when the temperature is 37.8°C or above. This is the threshold which usually indicates fever or illness.

Suresign Digital Thermometer is fully CE marked and manufactured under international ISO13485 Quality Management Standard.

  • Switch the thermometer on by pressing the ON/OFF button.
  • ​Place the tip of the thermometer in the location where you want to take a temperature.
  • ​Wait for the completion of the measurement: this is indicated by a "beep...beep" sound and the "ºC" stopping flashing.
  • ​Read the displayed measurement value.
  • If the measurement value ≥37.8ºC, the buzzer alarms "beep...BEEP...beep...BEEP...beep" for 10 seconds.
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