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DulcoEase Capsules 30s
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DulcoEase Capsules 30s

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DulcoEase Capsules 30

DulcoEase Capsules are used to prevent and treat chronic constipation, to make stools softer so easier to pass. In cases of haemorrhoids or anal fissure, it also helps to prevent hard, dry stools and reduce straining.

A two colour (opaque white and opaque yellow) soft oval capsule to be swallowed

Ingredients: Docusate sodium 100 mg

Adults and elderly: 1 capsule to be taken, up to 5 times per day; initially, try 3 capsules per day, then adjust according to need. Reduce the dose when comfortable, usually within 1-2 days. Swallow whole with water.
Children under 12 years: not recommended.
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