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  3. TENA Lady Normal Aloe Vera 12s
TENA Lady Normal Aloe Vera 12s

TENA Lady Normal Aloe Vera 12s

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Specially designed to give you a feeling of protection everyday.
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TENA Lady Normal Aloe Vera

TENA Lady Normal is designed with double Dry Fast Cores to ensure dryness and comfort. TENA Lady Normal remains dry even under pressure. A dry, comfortable, pad with a touch of Aloe Vera. For light to medium incontinence.

  • Fresh Odour Control helps prevent unwanted odour

    TENA Lady pads have Fresh Odour Control. This unique micro-fresh pearl design reduces the growth of ammonia producing bacteria, which in turn reduces odour. This product offers discretion while providing comfort and dignity.

  • The Dry Fast Core locks away wetness for good

    Dry Fast Core provides very effective leakage protection. The super-absorbents retain the urine, keeping it locked in and away from the skin.

  • Extra gentle and dry Silky Soft Surface against the skin

    Silky Soft Surface is designed with a smooth, gentle textile-like surface that instantly whisks away any moisture, leaving the individual dry and promoting good skin health.

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