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Oralyte Ready To Drink 200ml

Oralyte Ready To Drink 200ml

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Oralyte is a great tasting blackcurrant flavour hydration drink which contains a scientifically balanced formula of water and essential minerals which may be used whenever the need arises.
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Oralyte Ready To Drink

The product is intended for use by children (over the age of two) or adults in situations where they want to stay hydrated, for example following exercise or on a hot day etc., as the product replenishes electrolytes in the blood, lost as a result of exercise or sweating etc.

Oralyte is specially formulated to hydrate better than sugary fizzy drinks or juices, and it even hydrates faster and better than water. It contains just the right balance of essential minerals, sugars and water to hydrate right.

Oralyte can be drunk whenever there is a need for hydration and is perfect for taking with you on any occasion. Below are some ideas for when Oralyte can be enjoyed.


For children aged over 2 years and adults: Oralyte can be drunk whenever the need arises.

For infants up to 2 years of age: Consult a doctor before using Oralyte.

Warning! DO NOT USE if you have diabetes, an intestinal obstruction, kidney or liver trouble or on a low sodium or potassium diet.

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