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GlucoJuice Fast Acting Energy Berry Burst Energy Drink 12x60ml
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GlucoJuice Fast Acting Energy Berry Burst Energy Drink 12x60ml

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Quickly raise blood sugar levels making them ideal for people with diabetes to help treat low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia; and for sports enthusiasts and people with busy lifestyles to help boost stamina and maintain energy levels.
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GlucoJuice Fast Acting Energy

Fuel your energy for a quick performance boost before and during high endurance activity.
It is recommended to take one bottle of GlucoJuice 10-15mins prior to participating in high endurance activity lasting for 30mins or longer, continue as required every 30mins.

Self-manage to treat mild hypoglycaemia and regulate blood sugar levels. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines recommend that 10-20g of fast acting carbohydrates is taken to initially treat hypoglycaemia - this means you should take one bottle of GlucoJuice to treat mild hypoglycaemia, and repeat 10-15 minutes later if needed.

“The first step to treatment of low blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia, should be glucose because it’s the most quickly digested form of sugar and will raise blood glucose levels rapidly”

Products are used as a trusted, emergency treatment, therefore the robust, easy to open packaging makes GlucoJuice perfect to carry for long durations and consume quickly when needed. These potential life saving sugar boosters have clearly marked dosages on pack so patients can confidently manage their condition, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

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