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Multi-Gyn ActiGel 50ml
Multi-Gyn ActiGel is a safe and natural treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), and can also be used to help prevent BV and thrush 
Multi-Gyn FemiWash 100ml
Multi-Gyn FemiWash gently cleans your intimate area, protects and optimises the vaginal and skin flora and leaves skin feeling as soft as silk. 
Multi-Gyn FloraPlus 5x5ml
Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is a natural treatment for vaginal thrush, providing effective relief from itching, irritation, odour and discharge. When used regularly, it can also prevent further vaginal yeast problems. 
Multi-Gyn IntiFresh Intimate Wipes 12s
Multi-Gyn IntiFresh Intimate Wipes are impregnated with a very mild lotion to keep your intimate area clean, fresh and odour free, without upsetting the natural pH level which can happen with normal soaps. 
Multi-Gyn IntiSkin 40ml
Multi-Gyn IntiSkin soothes itchy, irritated skin caused by lifestyle and activities such as waxing, shaving, sanitary towels, panty liners, toilet paper, soaps and sports. 
Multi-Gyn LiquiGel 30ml
Multi-Gyn ActiGel is a natural vaginal moisturiser that instantly relieves vaginal dryness caused by sexual intercourse, hormonal changes, medication, stress or tampons. 
Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack
Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combi Pack is a safe, efficient way to cleanse the vagina and support the growth of good bacteria to maintain a healthy vagina. 
Multi-Mam BabyDent
Multi-Mam BabyDent provides natural, soothing relief for teething babies. 
Multi-Mam Balm 30ml
Multi-Mam Balm is a unique herbal nipple care cream that protects, heals and soothes cracked and sore nipples, and can also be used to prevent these conditions. 
Multi-Mam Compresses 12s
Multi-Mam Compresses provide immediate, soothing relief for sore nipples, help to prevent infection and optimise the condition of the skin around the nipple using only natural ingredients. 
Multi-Oral Gel 10ml
Multi-Oral Gel is a safe, natural treatment and prevention of oral conditions including bacterial gum infections and oral tissue problems. It also relieves sore spots, oral blisters and irritations and supports the natural healing of damaged tissue. 
Multi-Oral RemiDent 50ml
Multi-Oral RemiDent is natural, safe and effective treatment that treats and prevents bleeding gums and tooth erosion, reduces swelling, prevents plaque formation and conditions the gums. 
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