Casilan 90 250g

Casilan 90 250g

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Casilan 90 is an excellent source of concentrated high quality protein for sports active people who are building muscle mass.
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Casilan 90

Casilan 90 is a high-quality protein powder, derived from milk. It is low in fat and carbohydrateS (less than 1%) and is a great source of calcium. Ideal supplement to add to food or drink. Casilan is an ideal sports supplement for body builders and athletes building strength. Because it is made from casein, a slow-absorption protein, it supports training workouts and prevents muscle breakdown.

Casilan contains no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives, which means it can be added to many drinks and foods to boost the protein content, but without altering the flavour.

  • Shakes and smoothies - whizz together one or two tablespoons of Casilan with low-fat milk, and fresh fruit in a blender or smoothie maker. Add a carton of plain or fruit yoghurt, and a little honey or ice cream if you wish.
  • Ice cream - Mix two tablespoons of Casilan with low-fat milk, a little honey or icing sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract in a blender. Place in a shallow container or an ice cream maker and freeze (follow directions for the ice cream maker).
  • Cakes - Add two or three tablespoons of Casilan, with twice the volume of water or milk to your favourite cake mixture before baking in the usual way. It produces a lighter cake with a moist texture.
  • Porridge - Add one or two tablespoons of Casilan to porridge oats before cooking for a creamier porridge.
  • Pancakes - Add one or two tablespoons of Casilan to pancake batter and cook in the usual way.
  • Mash - Add one or two tablespoons of Casilan to mashed potato, along with a little low-fat milk to produce the desired consistency.
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