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Cerumol Ear Drops

By Cerumol
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When deafness or pain in the ear is caused by blockage with wax, Cerumol Ear Drops can help to remove ear wax from the ears.
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Cerumol Ear Drops

When deafness or pain in the ear is caused by blockage with wax, Cerumol Ear Drops can help to remove ear wax from the ears. The use of the ear drops may avoid the need for syringing or make syringing easier.

Active ingredients: Chlorobutanol (5g/100ml) and Arachis Oil (Peanut Oil) (57g/100ml).
Other ingredients: Oil of turpentine, 3-methoxybutyl acetate (butoxyl), paradichlorobenzene, and orthodichlorobenzene.

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Prepare a small pad of cotton wool, the size of your thumb nail.
  3. Lie or sit down, then tilt the head to bring the ear uppermost.
  4. Use the dropper to put five drops into the ear canal.
  5. Do not push the dropper into the ear.
  6. Moisten the small pad of cotton wool with Cerumol or smear with petroleum jelly.
  7. Place the cotton wool pad over the hole in the ear (this helps to keep the liquid in the ear canal).
  8. Do not push the cotton wool too far into the ear canal.
  9. Remove the pad after one hour or the next morning.
  10. Do this all again twice a day for three days.
  11. Do not use for more than three days without consulting your doctor.
  12. By the fourth day the loosened wax should have come out on its own. If not, and a plug of wax is still in the ear then see your doctor; if syringing needs to be done, the drops will have made it easier.
  13. When the drops are first put in your ear it is normal to feel a warm tingling sensation.
  14. Adding the drops to the wax may, for a short while, increase deafness.
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Cerumol Ear Drops
Cerumol Ear Drops
RRP:£3.65Our Price£2.99
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