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Suresign Total Cholesterol Test
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Suresign Total Cholesterol Test

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Suresign Total Cholesterol Test is an easy to use home cholesterol test kit that gives you professional results in just 3 minutes.
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Suresign Total Cholesterol Test

Suresign Total Cholesterol Test is an easy to use home cholesterol test kit that gives you professional results in just 3 minutes. This self-test kit can be used at any time of day and does not require you to fast before taking it.

Suresign Total Cholesterol Test works by taking a small sample of blood to determine your cholesterol level. The results are shown by a change in colour which can be compared to the colour chart supplied with the kit. The deeper the colour, the higher your cholesterol level.

Your test result will place you in one of three risk groups:
  • "Desirable" Group (result less than 5.2 mmol/L): You are likely to be at low risk for heart disease. If you have other risk factors for heart disease however, you should talk with your doctor as a lower level may be recommended.
  • "Borderline-High" Group (result between 5.2-6.2 mmol/L): You may be at increased risk for heart disease. You should talk with your doctor.
  • "High" Group (result 6.2 mmol/L or above): You may be at increased risk for heart disease, whether or not you have additional risk factors. You should ask your doctor immediately for advice.
It is recommended that if you have no other risk factors, you should routinely measure your blood cholesterol every 5 years if you are a man over 35 years or a woman over 45 years. If you do have other risk factors then it is recommended that you measure your cholesterol regularly from the age of 20 years.

Pregnancy will affect the results of the test as cholesterol is high during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you should wait until at least 6 weeks after giving birth to perform the cholesterol test.

Suresign Total Cholesterol Test contains:
  • 1 x Foil Pouch Containing; 1 x Total Cholesterol Test Cassette and 1 x Blood Collection Pipette.
  • 1 x Finger Stick Lancet.
  • 1 x Alcohol Swab.
  • 1 x Adhesive Plaster.
  • 1 x Package Insert.
  • This test is for (in-vitro) self-testing only.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Not recommended for use by haemophiliacs or individuals taking medicines that thin blood (anticoagulants).
  • Individuals who are colour blind should have another person read their test result.
  • Do not use the test after an acute illness until at least 1 month of convalescence has elapsed.
  • Do not run the test within 4 hours after taking paracetamol (acetaminophen) or Vitamin C tablets (500 mg or more).
  • If you are taking Viagra® or a similar drug, have another person read the test result if you are performing the Total Cholesterol Test within 6 hours of taking the drug as these drugs may temporarily affect your perception of blue and green colours.
  • Use only with fresh blood.
  • Do not use with other body fluids.
  • Do not use for testing food or animals.
  • Do not use if the foil pouch has been damaged (opened or split).
  • Do not reuse the lancet, pipette, or test strip.
  • Used test materials should be disposed of in household waste.
  • Use only the pipette supplied to transfer blood to the test strip.
  • Never adjust your medication based on your test result(s).
  • Your cholesterol level may vary if you are pregnant, take birth control or oestrogen replacement pills, or if you have certain medical conditions or recent illnesses. Consult your doctor if you have any questions about the meaning of your total cholesterol test result.
  • Suresign Total Cholesterol Test is used for the semi-quantitative determination of cholesterol in whole blood. This test should only be used as a screening test. Your doctor may require additional testing for diagnosis and treatment.
  • As with all biochemical tests, Suresign Total Cholesterol may on occasions produce false results and identify an incorrect risk group. This possibility can be minimised by carrying out two or three tests over a period and averaging the results.
Always read the product information. Click on the link below to view the Patient Information Leaflet. Requires Adobe Reader – if you cannot open the file, please click here to download.

PDF Image Patient Information Leaflet
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