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Dreemon Tablets alleviate temporary sleeplessness and can also be used for the treatment of allergies such as hayfever, stings and rashes. 
RRP :£3.49
Sominex Tablets are a clinically proven sleep aid to relieve occasional sleeplessness. 
RRP :£4.59
Vantage Max Strength Sleep Aid 50mg Tablets 20s
Vantage Sleep Aid 50mg Tablets relieve short term sleeplessness, to help you fall into a natural sleep. 
SleepRight Secure Comfort Packaging
The SleepRight Dental Guard is the No 1 brand dental guard prescribed by dentists in the USA and as an over the counter device in the US and is now CE certified and available in the UK without prescription. 
Nytol One-A-Night Tablets are a clinically proven night time sleep aid, to relieve temporary sleeplessness and lull you into your regular sleep pattern. 
RRP :£6.29
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