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Riemann P20 SPF30 200ml
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Riemann P20 SPF30 200ml

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Riemann P20 Sun Filter 200ml

Riemann P20 Once-a-Day Sunfilter is a well tried and tested product to protect from sunburn while allowing a gentle, slow golden tan.

It is a unique product as it needs to be applied only once a day - just 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. There's no need to re-apply the product - so you can simply get on with enjoying yourself. (Easy-to-follow instructions are provided with each bottle).

Riemann P20 Once-a-Day UVA + UVB Sunfilter provides 10 hours of medium sun protection - factor 20 - and is still 90% effective after swimming.

P20 is remarkably good value - once a day application means a little goes a long way and therefore it is more economical than other sun preparations which need to be re-applied regularly during the day

What is P20 Sunfilter? How do I use it?
Amazingly P20 lets you tan! It gives medium protection (SPF 20) against the sun's "burning" UVB rays, but still lets through some UVA rays to allow you to tan. Result? A golden tan without "the burn". Remember the sun is at its strongest and should be avoided between 11am and 3pm.

P20 offers UVA 7 UVB protection through highly photo-stable UVA filters that, unlike other sunfilters, retain effectiveness even on extended exposure to the sun.

P20 is non-greasy and free from added fragrance once dry, so you no longer have to apply sticky sun preparations throughout the day!

Because of this it is ideal under make-up as there is no 'shine' like with normal sun preparations. It is also ideal for men, especially with thinning hair. Being non-greasy it protects the scalp and 'dries on the hair like a light hair gel'. Remember not to use any moisturiser etc, before using P20 as it will stop the product binding to the keratin of your skin.

To use, apply P20 generously each morning in an even layer to clean, dry skin, 15 minutes before sunbathing or swimming, paying particular attention to vulnerable areas such as the face, shoulders, shins and feet.

Because P20 is different, full directions must be read carefully before use.

First time users, fair or sensitive skin: follow the instructions as above, but then repeat the all-over application 10 minutes after the first application. We recommend this to make sure that P20 is applied adequately and in an even layer on the skin, thus providing the best possible protection.

If suffering from a skin disease, please consult your doctor before using P20.

P20 is available in 100ml and 200ml bottles. P10 & P20 may stain fabrics.
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