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Octenisan Anti-Microbial Wash Mitts 10s

By Schülke
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Antimicrobial wash mitts for convenient body washing.
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Octenisan Anti-Microbial Wash Mitts 10s

Antimicrobial wash mitts for convenient body washing.


  • excellent skin and mucous membrane compatibility
  • broad antimicrobial efficacy
  • contains allantoin for gentle and soothing skin cleansing
  • colour and perfume free
  • ready to use, no rinsing required
  • improved health and safety as no water required
  • easy and convenient to use, saves time
Areas of application
  • for bedside washing of whole body
  • suitable for use by patients with limited mobility or for washing bedridden patients
  • for antimicrobial washing including decolonisation and prophylactic washing.
Application Methods

If required, the packaging can be heated in the microwave (20 seconds / 750 W) or cooled in advance for refreshing washing. Open the softpack carefully and take out an octenisan wash mitt, as required. Clean the skin and leave the solution on for at least 30 seconds.

There is no requirement for the patient to be washed before using octenisan wash mitts.

Make sure the skin is completely moistened, especially in the area of the armpits, areas between the fingers and between the toes as well as other skin folds. Rinsing afterwards with water is not necessary.

Octenisan wash mitts are also suitable for washing hair.
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