Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution 1L
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Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution 1L

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Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution is a dietary supplement for the maintenance of healthy joints in cats and dogs.
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Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution

Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution is a natural dietary supplement to help maintain good joint health and offer vitality for cats and dogs of all breeds and ages. It is ideal for older cats and dogs to keep their joints as healthy and supple as possible, and is also great for younger animals during growth spurts, which can exaggerate wear and tear.

Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution contains Hyaluronic Acid, a key component of synovial (joint) fluid, as well as a unique formulation of the key active isolates of glucosamine and chondroitin (glutamine, glutamic acid, glucuronic acid, glycine and proline). The benefit of these smaller isolates (molecules) is that they are efficiently absorbed at high levels, allowing the joint to get more of the nutrients it needs to product healthier cartilage and maintain good joint health.

Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution:
  • Pro-actively helps to guard joints from the effects of normal wear and tear.
  • Help your pet keep its vitality and mobility.
  • May help support healthy joints for life.
  • Help maintain healthy cartilage.
Cortaflex HA Canine & Feline Solution contains only safe and fast working natual ingredients - there are no man-made chemicals and no known side effects so your pet can enjoy an active lifestyle.  
Feed daily with regular meal. Feed double amounts for the first 7 days.
 Pet SizeDaily Feed Days Supply 
 Very Small Dog/Cat2.5ml 400 
 Small/Medium Dog5ml 200 
 Large Dog7.5ml 133 
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