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PillMate 7 Day Maxi Dispenser is a handy, easy to use tablet dispenser with large volume compartments for use in the home and while travelling. 
RRP :£2.81
PillMate Daily Dose Weekly Dispenser is a handy wallet containing 7 individual transparent one day strips, each marked with the day and dose time. 
RRP :£13.31
PillMate Large 7 Day Dispenser is an easy to use seven day dispenser with flip top lid, suitable for carrying a whole week's medication. 
RRP :£2.04
The PillMate Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pill Dispenser is suitable for up to four times daily medication for one week or for four weeks of once daily medication. A medication record card is included. 
RRP :£5.45
PillMate Maxi Multi Dose Dispenser is handy weekly pill organiser with four compartments for each day, and transparent pull sleeves so you can easily check whether medication has been taken. 
RRP :£11.00
Ideal for people who are unable to or have difficulty swallowing pills, PillMate Pill Cut & Crush is a handy device that cuts pills before crushing. 
RRP :£4.68
PillMate PillChest
The PillMate PillChest holds up to four times a day medication for seven days and features large volume compartments with easy to open lids for bigger tablets/capsules and complex doses. 
The PillMate PillCrusher grinds pills into powder, making it ideal for those who are unable to or have difficulty swallowing pills. 
RRP :£3.80
The PillMate PillCutter is a handy tool for splitting tablets into two halves for easy swallowing or when a half tablet dose is required. 
RRP :£2.75
Designed by a pharmacist, PillMate PillPunch is a simple "press and punch" device that easily removes most tablets and capsules from blisters packs. 
RRP :£5.50
The PillMate Twice Daily Weekly Dispenser with medication record card is perfect for storing one week of twice daily medication or two weeks of once daily medication. 
RRP :£4.84
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