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MAM Baby Bottle 330ml
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MAM Baby Bottle 330ml

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The MAM Baby Bottle (330ml) stops babies from inhaling air while drinking, making feeding more comfortable. It is available in blue, pink and a neutral green.
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  • MAM Baby Bottle 330ml
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MAM Baby Bottle 330ml

MAM Baby Bottle 330ml/11oz makes babies feel relaxed and happy from day one. This is because they don't inhale any air while drinking. This makes the switch between Mum and MAM particularly easy. For a smooth flow of milk with silk teat - no other silicone feels softer.

MAM has the perfect product for babies of all ages and this makes it easy for them to learn how to drink. Babies learn the transition from breastfeeding or a bottle to a glass step by step.

Product Features

  • Size: 330ml
  • With silk teat - no other silicone feels softer
  • Detailed scale, exact measurement possible
  • Sits comfortably in the hand, easy to fill
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