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Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles (All Sizes)

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles (All Sizes)

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Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are clinically proven to prevent foot ulcers.
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Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are clinically proven to prevent the main causes of foot ulcers by substantially reducing peak forefoot pressures and significantly increasing circulation in the lower legs and feet. They can also significantly reduce the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

As well as benefiting diabetics, Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are ideal for anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time and suffers from discomfort such as cold feet and aches and pains. These symptoms are caused by the effects of gravity plus your body weight which cause a reduction in circulation due to a decrease in the "venous return". The insoles are clinically proven to dramatically increase the venous pump function to alleviate symptoms whilst giving your feet a gentle massage all the time.

Tests also showed that when used daily, Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles can also help provide relief from swollen feet and legs, muscular soreness and back pain caused by prolonged standing or walking.  People that had been using them or at least six months were surveyed and reported a consistently high level of improvement of several symptoms, particularly cold feet, pain or discomfort on walking any distance, general discomfort and unexpectedly, diabetic neuropathy. 

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles contain a non-toxic, carefully dosed liquid that distributes the pressure from your body weight over a larger area, reducing pressure as you stand and walk. Anatomically designed channels control the direction of the liquid to improve the way you walk and stand.

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are just a few millimetres thick so will fit in normal footwear such as shoes and boots. They are highly durable so are great for work, sports, and fitness activities and are machine washable.

Liqua Care FlowGel Insoles are available in the following sizes:
  • 35-36 (UK 2½-3½)
  • 37-38 (UK 4-5)
  • 39-40 (UK 6-6½)
  • 41-42 (UK 7½-8)
  • 43-44 (UK 9-9½ )
  • 45-46 (UK 10½-11½)
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