Benadryl Plus Capsules 12s
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Benadryl Plus Capsules 12s

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Benadryl Plus is a unique remedy that combines an antihistamine with a decongestant to relieve all your allergy symptoms in one powerful capsule.
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Caution : This product contains pseudoephedrine. Due to legal restrictions, we can only sell one pack of this product per customer.
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Benadryl Plus Capsules

Benadryl Plus is a unique remedy that combines an antihistamine with a decongestant to relieve all your allergy symptoms in one powerful capsule:
  • Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride: A decongestant that relieves nasal and sinus congestion.
  • Acrivastine: An antihistamine that helps relieve allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.
Benadryl Plus Capsules get to work in just 15 minutes to relieve the symptoms of hayfever and pet, dust and skin allergies for up to 8 hours.
  • Adults and children 12-65 years: Take 1 capsule up to 3 times a day. Do not take more than 3 doses in 24 hours. 
  • Children under 12 years: Not recommended.
  • Adults over 65 years: Not recommended.
  • Active Ingredient: Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride 60mg and Acrivastine 8mg.
  • Other Ingredients: Lactose, Sodium Starch Glycollate, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide and Patent Blue V.
  • Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules contain lactose. If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this medicine.
  • As with all antihistamines, it is advisable to avoid excessive alcohol consumption when taking this medicine.
  • In most people this product does not cause drowsiness. However, there are rare exceptions and you should take care when you use this product for the first time. If this product makes you feel drowsy, do not drive or operate machinery. 
Do not take Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules:
  • If you have ever had a bad reaction to any of the ingredients, or to the antihistamine triprolidine.
  • If you have very high blood pressure or severe heart disease.
  • If you are taking, or have taken in the last two weeks, drugs for depression known as Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs). 
  • If you are taking the antibacterial agent, furazolidone.
  • If you have kidney problems.
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules:
  • If you have high blood pressure or heart disease.
  • If you have diabetes.
  • If you have an over active thyroid gland.
  • If you have glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye).
  • If you have prostate problems (difficulty with passing water or needing to pass water often).
  • If you are taking alcohol.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are taking any other medicines, including:
    • Antihypertensives(drugs to treat high blood pressure,such as guanethidine, methyldopa, alpha and beta blockers, debrisoquine, bretylium and betanidine).
    • Sympathomimetic drugs (stimulants or appetite suppressants and drugs used to treat congestion and asthma). 
    • Tricyclic antidepressants (used to treat mood disorders).
    • Sedatives or tranquillisers (used to treat anxiety or sleep disorders).
Always read the product information. Click on the link below to view the Patient Information Leaflet. Requires Adobe Reader – if you cannot open the file, please click here to download.

PDF Image Patient Information Leaflet
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