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Aknicare Lotion 25ml

Aknicare Lotion 25ml

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Aknicare Lotion quickly reduces inflamed spots as well as significantly reducing oil production, controlling bacteria and restoring linoleic acid to prevent spots from breaking out.
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Aknicare Lotion

Aknicare Lotion
significantly reduces oil production (up to 68%), normalises skin thickening and is antibacterial, controlling bacteria and inflammation to prevent spots from breaking out. It also calms and soothes the skin and quickly reduces inflamed spots.

Acne develops due to hormonal fluctuations which can be caused by puberty, pregnancy, the pill, menopause and even extensive stress, causing the skin to become sensitive to the hormone DhT (di-hydrotestosterone). When this happens, the skin loses essential fatty acids including linoleic acid, starting a chain of events that eventually results in inflamed spots. Aknicare Lotion works to restore this linoleic acid, thus preventing spots from forming. Aknicare is the first topical range proven to also fight the hormonal trigger as well as restoring skin fatty acid levels.

Aknicare is medically tested and proven to work in 80% of acne sufferers and is an effective alternative to benzyl peroxide products and roaccutane, without the associated side effects. The powerful antibacterial action works faster than antibiotics which are often ineffective and are associated with superbug development, including MRSA.

For best results, use in conjunction with Aknicare Cream to counteract any drying effects.
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