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Fybogel Hi-Fibre Sachets Lemon
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Fybogel Hi-Fibre Sachets Lemon

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Fybogel Hi-Fibre Sachets Lemon

Treatment of patients requiring a high fibre regime: e.g. for the relief of constipation, including constipation in pregnancy and maintenance of regularity, for the management of bowel function in patients with haemorrhoids.

Sachwt of lemon flavoured effervescent granules containing:
Ispaghula husk 3.5 g

Adults: contents of 1 sachet stirred into a glass of water morning and evening after meals. Children 6-12 years: half to 1 level 5ml spoonful stirred into water, depending on size and age, morning and evening. Under 6 years: not recommended
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