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SleepRight Dental Guard Slim Comfort
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SleepRight Dental Guard Slim Comfort
SleepRight Dental Guard Secure Comfort
Our Price: £29.95
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SleepRight Dental Guard Slim Comfort
SleepRight Dental Guard Slim Comfort
Our Price: £29.95
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SleepRight Dental Guard Slim Comfort
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All about SleepRight
  • FDA approved, CE Certified, BDHF Approved
  • Recommended by dentists worldwide
  • Lightweight, durable & comfortable
  • Ready to wear, no specialist fitting needed
  • Safe & easy bruxism protection for teeth & TMJ
  • Available from stock without prescription
Dental Guard for Teeth Grinding & TMJ-SleepRight Secure Comfort
Do you suffer from poor sleep, damaged and aching teeth, TMJ, jaw pain and headache because you clench & grind your teeth? This is known as bruxism, a little understood condition that affects around 8% of the population and may go undiagnosed for years. Teeth are worn down or damaged and the headache and jaw pain becomes a constant feature. Eventually, you may have to spend time and lots of money at the dentist fixing loose fillings, teeth fractures and damage to cosmetic dentistry work.

The SleepRight is the No 1 brand dental guard prescribed by dentists and as an over the counter device in the US and is now CE certified and available in the UK without prescription. Find out what millions of Americans have known for years. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on a dental guard from your dentist! For around £50 you can get the protection you need with the SleepRight Dental Guard. It is ready to wear; easily adjustable; safe; approved; comfortable and available here at chemist.net, so there really is no reason why you should continue to suffer.

All SleepRight dental guards are CE Certified and comply with the requirements of EU Medical Device Directive 93-42-EEC. They have also been examined by an independent panel of internationally recognised dental experts and approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. Your SleepRight Dental Guard is safe and easy to fit. You do not need to boil or trim the product to get the optimum fit. For best results, wear your dental guard at least 30 minutes before retiring to bed.

The Secure-Comfort is the standard dental guard that will suit the majority of people. It is the original design guard that has stood the test of time and is the most popular model in the range. The Slim-Comfort dental guard has a smaller profile than all the other dental guards and has been specially designed for people with a small mouth or sensitive gums. The Dura-Comfort is the newest edition to the SleepRight range of professional dental guards. The new design features make it more durable, stable and comfortable. It will suit the chronic bruxer and those wanting superior comfort and durability.

Customer Review
Thank you very much for your swift reply to my question, I am delighted by your response and appreciate you are willing to not only replace my night guard but with the top of the range one and at a cost to your company, not only that but to receive it today before I have returned the ‘damaged’ one is well beyond my expectations…

I will return my ‘damaged’ one to you tomorrow by return, and I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your generosity. I have used the night guard for six weeks and since starting to use it I have not had a headache/migraine! After suffering headaches and migraines for over three years and having various tests and scans done to finally find out it was caused by night grinding, (self diagnosis eventually) Dentists said no and doctors said sinuses… and there was help with these products was a great relief…

Extremely satisfied customer
Scott Ramage.
SleepRight Article Snippets

Product Review: SleepRight No-Boil Dental Guard for sufferers of Bruxism

Source: https://www.kissandmakeup.tv/2009/04/product_review_97.html#more

Key Comments:
“Bruxism, or grinding one's teeth during sleep, affects most people at least some point during their lives.”

“...bruxism is probably stress related and can lead to loss of teeth,gum recession, headaches and many other related symptoms”

“...the guard is very durable and easy to wear, and as discreet, as wearing what feels a bit like an upside down gum shield, could be.”

“After my first night of wearing it I did find there was an immediate improvement and my jaw felt so much more relaxed the next morning”

“I definitely had fewer headaches”

“...during the first week and I found I didn’t clench my teeth”

“...wearing the SleepRight Guard for this short period of time has curbed my night bruxism”

“I would definitely recommend buying one to other sufferers”
Dentists In The Dark About Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/147127.php

Key Comments:
“Teeth grinding and clenching, more commonly referred to as ‘bruxism’ is an involuntary action”

“Although there are many possible causes, the main culprit appears to be stress.”

“...several symptoms, including a throbbing headache and neck, shoulder and jaw pain.”

The results indicate that dentists are in the dark about the condition Dr Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation is reported to have said:
“Bruxism is certainly not well recognised or treated by the majority of dentists. Generally, they do not learn about such problems in their training”

“...the most common response to bruxism by dentists is to fit a custom guard to protect teeth from damage. As well as being uncomfortable for many people, they can cost hundreds of pounds and require more than one visit to the dentist to get it fitting right”

“...the SleepRight ready to wear dental guards are top sellers in America where looking after the teeth and maintaining a beautiful smile is part of the culture.”

“Spending a modest amount on a dental guard to protect the teeth is seen as a necessary and wise investment.”

“...customers take comfort from the fact that our range of SleepRight dental guards are the only ones that are CE certified and have been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation”
Headaches? Dental problems? Like millions, you may be a secret teeth grinder by Peta Bee

Source: https://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/health/article-1164225/Headaches-Dental-problems-Like-millions-secret-teeth-grinder.html

Key Comments:
‘I knew I was a teeth grinder because I would wake myself up doing it at times’

“Teeth grinding – or bruxism – is an extremely common problem, with as many as 10 per cent of the population suffering from it at some time.”

“Stress is also thought to be a common trigger.”

“There is no doubt that with the current economic woes, the problem is on the rise, says Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation.”

“...most sufferers don‘t realise they have the problem because it occurs while they‘re sleeping.”

“Bruxism is certainly not well recognised or treated by the majority of dentists.”

“The total daily pressure exerted on them through eating and chewing amounts to about 30–40lb. ”

“...people who grind their teeth (‘bruxers’), the pressure can increase to 250lb”

“Over time, this wears down and flattens the teeth; the grinding also loosens them and they start to fall out.”

“Grinding can result in growth or hypertrophy (abnormal enlargement) of the masseter because it is being overworked”

“Conventional treatment usually begins by getting patients to wear a clear plastic mouthguard at night.”