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About Vichy

Vichy is not just a beauty brand. We believe that understanding how to achieve and maintain healthy-looking skin is critical for beautiful skin.

At Vichy, we believe that every skin is unique, has its own needs and deserves to be healthy, radiant and protected. Vichy commits to empowering you with in-depth knowledge and advice to optimise your skin health. Vichy is exclusive to pharmacies, and commits to continuously train derma-skincare advisors on the latest dermatological discoveries. We also provide them with patented diagnostic tools such as the unique Dermo-analyser that can identify up to 7,000 skin types.

Your Skin Health Consultation

Take your skin consultation online or in person at our partner pharmacy:

Knights Pharmacy
30-31 Sheep Street
CV21 3BU

Tel: 01788 542808

For more information about Vichy and skin health, visit Vichy Consult