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Bassetts 12-18 Years Multivitamins + Evening Primrose Oil Orange & Passion Fruit Flavour are a soft and chewy multivitamin specially formulated to aid the development of teenagers and support balanced hormonal activity. 
RRP :£5.86
Floresse Starflower Oil 1000mg 30s
Floresse Starflower Oil is nature's richest soure of GLA, the same active ingredient as evening primrose oil - but at twice the concentration. 
Seven Seas Essentials Evening Primrose Oil + Starflower Oil 1000mg Capsules support a healthy hormone balance throughout the month. 
RRP :£7.46
Evening Primrose Oil has become a favoured treatment for a number of conditions including breast pain, eczema, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic nerve damage. 
RRP :£1.79
Valupak Evening Primrose Oil is popular with women, since it has been shown to ease menstrual and menopausal problems such as muscle cramps and breast tenderness. 
RRP :£0.99
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