• What is an online pharmacy?

    An online pharmacy is not just a retailer who sells the sort of products that you would expect to find within your local pharmacy. In fact, all pharmacies within the United Kingdom, including online pharmacies, are bound by a set of codes and rules that are defined and enforced by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. All UK pharmacies, including those which are based online, are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with these codes and rules. Chemist.net is a UK-based online registered pharmacy (Registered Pharmacy 1100545), so you can buy pharmaceutical products from Chemist.net with confidence.

  • Is there a pharmacist connected to Chemist.net?

    All pharmacists within the UK have to be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), and have a registration number. The supply of pharmacy medicines must also be performed under the supervision of a pharmacist at all times. Rest assured, Chemist.net has a Pharmacist on site to oversee the sale of its pharmaceutical products. Our responsible pharmacist is Ihtisham Zafar (Registration number 2229345).

  • Will my details be kept safe when using an online pharmacy?

    Patient records must be kept confidential at all times. Chemist.net will not supply your confidential details to anyone else without your knowledge.
  • Will my medicine be delivered safely and securely?

    It is extremely important that the medicines that are sent out by Chemist.net are received by the intended recipient. For this reason, online pharmacies must use a service such as recorded delivery to ensure that the medicine is handed to the patient and cannot be misused. DX and Royal Mail Signed For are the services that Chemist.net uses to make sure that your medicine reaches you and you alone.

  • Will the medicine I receive be suitable for me?

    It is very important that all pharmacies, including online pharmacies, supply the correct medicine for your condition. The purpose of the rules is to safeguard your health. Chemist.net will take every necessary step to ensure that it supplies the correct medicine for your condition. In addition, Chemist.net will only supply safe quantities of medicine.