Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel 200g

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Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel is a soap substitute designed to be used in place of bar soap, liquid soap and cleansers which can irritate dry skin.
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Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel

Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel is a soap substitute designed to be used in place of bar soap, liquid soap and cleansers which can irritate dry skin. It helps treat and prevent dry or chapped skin conditions that may also be itchy, red and sore, including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, elderly pruritus and ichthyosis.

Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel contains the emollients isopropyl myristate and liquid paraffin. It helps to cleanse, soften, moisturise and protect your skin by trapping in moisture and restoring the normal protective function of the skin. It also helps to prevent the skin-drying and irritant effects that can be caused by washing and by the soaps, foaming additives and fragrances used in ordinary cleansing products and prevent 'flare-ups' of your skin condition.

Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel is suitable for all age groups, including babies.


Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel is specifically designed to be non-foaming and is fragrance free. Use as part of your normal washing routine, instead of your ordinary soap or cleanser. For maximum benefit you should use it whenever you wash (including routine hand washing).
  • Wash with this product in the same way as you would with any liquid soap.
  • Use it with a gentle washing action. The product will not foam or lather as you wash.
  • Rinse off (you should still be able to feel the product coating the skin).
  • Pat the skin dry with a soft towel (avoid rubbing as this can make dry skin conditions worse).


  • Active Ingredients: Isopropyl Myristate 15% w/w and Liquid Paraffin 15% w/w.
  • Other Ingredients: Macrogol Cetostearyl Ether (Cetomacrogol), Glycerol, Carbomer, Sorbitan Laurate, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol and Purified Water.


  • Do not use Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to isopropyl myristate, liquid paraffin or any of the ingredients.
  • This product can be used during pregnancy and while breast-feeding. The ingredients have been in widespread use in this and similar preparations for many years, without reports of problems. However, safety trials have not been conducted.
  • If you decide to use this product in the bath or shower, it can make the surfaces slippery, so:
    • Be careful to avoid slipping over when getting into and out of your bath or shower (eg by using a shower or bath mat).
    • After use, clean out the bath/shower tray with a suitable detergent to remove any remaining greasiness (wearing protective gloves to avoid irritating your hands).

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