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Enterosgel is a treatment for diarrhoea caused by viral or bacterial infection, food poisoning, food allergies or IBS.
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Enterosgel is a treatment for diarrhoea caused by viral or bacterial infection, food poisoning, food allergies or IBS. The clinically proven formula works like a clever sponge, gently passing through the gut absorbing only medium-weight molecules of harmful substances in the gut such as toxins, pathogens, allergens and viruses without removing water, vitamins and other beneficial substances. It is then removed within 12-24 hours with your normal bowel movement.

Enterosgel has many benefits:
  • Helps to stop diarrhoea or shortens the duration of diarrhoea.
  • Reduces or prevents toxic and allergic reactions.
  • Relieves symptoms of indigestion.
  • Helps to restore beneficial intestinal microflora.
  • Protects gastrointestinal mucous membrane and promotes healing of its lesions.
  • Reduces the toxic load on the liver and kidneys.
Enterosgel is effective for:
  • Diarrhoea
  • Indigestion
  • Food Poisioning
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Upset stomach
  • Travellers Tummy
  • Food allergy
  • IBS
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Gentle detoxification

Enterosgel is suitable for babies from birth, children, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly people and the chronically ill, has had no reports of adverse reactions since its development in the 1980s and has the highest European safety rating. As it is not absorbed into the mucous membrane and does not enter the bloodstream, it can be used for a long time and together with other medicinal products.

is easy to take and has no taste or colour. They non-allergenic formula is based on organic material and is free from preservatives, gluten, lactose, flavouring, sugar, sweeteners and fat. It is also free from animal by-products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Each 90g Entersogel tube can be enough for a short period of travelling for 1 person.


Simply shake the tube well before use, dilute the recommended dose in 100ml of water or other liquid and drink 1-2 hours before or after a meal.
  • Adults: Take 15g, three times a day.
  • Children: Take 5g, three times a day.


70% Polymethylsiloxane, 30% Purified water.

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