How the Electronic Repeat Prescription Service Work

Complete the form below to nominate as your designated pharmacy. Please allow 2 working days for us to set you up before ordering your first prescription.
Order your prescription from your GP
Order your prescription from your GP
Order the item(s) you require from your GP. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for the prescription to be generated.
Your prescription will be sent to us automatically
Your prescription will be sent to us automatically
Your GP will send your prescription to us electronically through the secure NHS Spine.
Pay for your prescription (if applicable)
Pay for your prescription (if applicable)
If you need to pay for your prescription we will email you a link to make payment.
Your order is sent via courier for delivery the next working day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

    The NHS Electronic Prescription Service allows your GP to send your prescriptions electronically, so there is no need to pick up a paper prescription. Your prescriptions are sent via the secure NHS Spine and can only be viewed by people with appropriate access.
  • Why nominate as my designated pharmacy?

    If you don’t nominate a pharmacy you will be issued with a token and you will need to contact a pharmacy to download your prescription every time. By nominating we will be able to automatically download your prescriptions and deliver them to your door. As part of a large pharmaceutical wholesaler we hold a huge range of medications in stock so can get you prescriptions dispensed and dispatched quickly.
  • Do I still need to request my prescription from my GP?

    Yes, you will still need to request your repeat prescriptions from your GP unless you are signed up to the Electronic Repeat Dispensing Service (eRD) – see section below for more details.

    Most GP practices allow you to order your repeat prescriptions electronically via a website or app such the NHS app, Airmid, Patient Access or SystmOnline – please speak to your surgery to see which system they use and to request access. You may be able to book appointments and view your medical record too.

    Please allow 48 hours for your GP to issue the prescription.

  • Will the medicine I receive be suitable for me?

    It is very important that all pharmacies, including online pharmacies, supply the correct medicine for your condition. The purpose of the rules is to safeguard your health. will take every necessary step to ensure that it supplies the correct medicine for your condition. In addition, will only supply safe quantities of medicine.