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Magicool Body & Face Cooler 75ml
Magicool Body & Face Cooler is a unique, self-chilled spray instantly cools your face and body in all hot conditions, calming irritated, dry, flushed or sunburnt skin. 
RRP :£4.07
Magicool Hot Weather Cooler 200ml
Magicool Hot Weather Cooler cools, hydrates and soothes your skin, giving you instant heat relief wherever you are. Described as 'your very own air-conditioner in a can', Magicool can be used on adults, children and even pets! 
RRP :£5.10
Magicool Plus Sunburn Spray 150ml
Magicool Plus Sunburn Spray is clinically proven to treat for moderate and severe sunburn, reducing skin temperature to treat the pain, inflammation and itching caused by sunburn within seconds. 
RRP :£8.49
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