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A Family Guide to Dementia
A Family Guide to Dementia is written specially for the silent army of unpaid carers who support people living with dementia. Written by dementia specialists and carers, it contains tips for everyday struggles and practical advice to help them live well. 
RRP :£7.20
Activa Actiglide Stocking Applicator
Activa Actiglide Stocking Applicator makes putting compression garments on quick and simple - they simply glide effortlessly up the leg or arm. 
Altimed Sockaid
Altimed Sockaid takes away the struggle of fitting socks, stockings and compression hosiery. 
AutoDrop Eye Drop Guide
AutoDrop Eye Drop Guide is the ideal solution for people who have difficulty administering eye drops, either missing the eye with the drop or blinking as the drop is delivered. 
Dunlopillo Ring Cushion
The Dunlopillo Ring Cushion is a very high quality and comfortable circular foam pad with a cut out section at its centre. 
Dycem Non-Slip Anchorpads provide a secure surface that anchors items like games or note pads to tables and prevents cups from slipping off trays or tables, making them ideal for anyone with difficulty gripping or with mobility problems. 
RRP :£8.90
Neo-Slip (All Sizes)
Developed by a Registered Nurse, Neo-Slip is a unique, innovative yet practical solution that makes putting on compression stockings much, much easier! 
Octenisan Anti-Microbial Wash Lotion
Hypoallergenic antimicrobial hair and body wash containing octenidine. 
Octenisan Anti-Microbial Wash Mitts 10s
Antimicrobial wash mitts for convenient body washing. 
Opticare Arthro 10 Eye Drop Dispenser
Opticare Arthro 10 Eye Drop Dispenser is designed to help people with severe arthritis or difficulty lifting their hand to their eye to dispense eye drops. 
Opticare Arthro 5 Eye Drop Dispenser
Opticare Arthro 5 Eye Drop Dispenser is designed to help people with severe arthritis or difficulty lifting their hand to their eye to dispense eye drops. 
Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser Box
Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser is ideal for people who have shaky hands, can't grip or squeeze as they used to or simply lack confidence in administering eye drops. 
PillMate 7 Day Maxi Dispenser is a handy, easy to use tablet dispenser with large volume compartments for use in the home and while travelling. 
RRP :£2.81
PillMate Daily Dose Weekly Dispenser is a handy wallet containing 7 individual transparent one day strips, each marked with the day and dose time. 
RRP :£13.31
PillMate Day Out is a discreet dispenser that fits easily into a pocket or bag to carry a day's medication whilst away from home. 
RRP :£1.21
PillMate Large 7 Day Dispenser is an easy to use seven day dispenser with flip top lid, suitable for carrying a whole week's medication. 
RRP :£2.04
The PillMate Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pill Dispenser is suitable for up to four times daily medication for one week or for four weeks of once daily medication. A medication record card is included. 
RRP :£5.45
PillMate Maxi Multi Dose Dispenser is handy weekly pill organiser with four compartments for each day, and transparent pull sleeves so you can easily check whether medication has been taken. 
RRP :£11.00
Ideal for people who are unable to or have difficulty swallowing pills, PillMate Pill Cut & Crush is a handy device that cuts pills before crushing. 
RRP :£4.68
PillMate PillChest
The PillMate PillChest holds up to four times a day medication for seven days and features large volume compartments with easy to open lids for bigger tablets/capsules and complex doses. 
RRP :£11.00
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