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Catacrom 2% Eye Drops 30 x 0.3ml

Catacrom 2% Eye Drops 30 x 0.3ml

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Catacrom, is a preservative-free eye drop for the prevention and treatment of allergic conjunctivitis.
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Catacrom 2% Eye Drops

Catacrom, Sodium Cromoglicate, in a new single-unit dose format with no added preservatives .Sodium Cromoglicate is a mast cell stabilizer which in eye drop form is the tried and tested ‘first line’ treatment for allergic eye disease. Catacrom offers this established therapy with the additional advantage that symptoms will not be exacerbated by preservatives which are often used in multi-dose formats.

Catacrom has been introduced to coincide with the hay fever season. However it has the added benefit of  helping the many people who suffer with all year round (perennial) allergic conjunctivitis brought on by house dust mites, pet fur and even allergic reactions from contact with substances such as cosmetics.

Catacrom is equally effective as a prophylaxis, but treatment should be started before the patient is exposed to the allergen. It has minimal side effects and is suitable to be used by children, as well as users of gas permeable and rigid contact lenses.
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