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Odor-Eaters Super Tuff
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Odor-Eaters Super Tuff

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Odor-Eaters Super Tuff

Odor-Eaters Super Tuff insoles are designed for all day use in work shoes. No matter how hard you wear your work shoes, this tough insole will stand up to the punishment and keep working non-stop. One Pair, cut to size, will fit any size shoe.Odor-Eaters Super Tuff insoles even destroy odour at night when your not wearing them. Only Odor-Eaters Super Tuff give unique triple odour protection, clinically proven as best for all work shoes and boots.Odor-Eaters Super Tuff contain:

1. Activated Charcoal, the world's most powerful odour destroyer.
2. Instafresh, which instantly neutralises the cause of foot odour, sweat acid.
3. A powerful antibacterial agent which kills odour-causing bacteria.

Odor-Eaters Super Tuff insoles have a special comfort grip foam which won't slip, slide or bunch up.
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