Profoot Heel Snugs
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Profoot Heel Snugs

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Profoot Heel Snugs

Extra Padded Heel Grips

Heel Snugs make loose fitting shoes fit better and more comfortable. Designed to fit snugly into the heel area of any shoe, Heel Snugs' soft extra-thick padding eliminates slipping and rubbing and helps prevent blisters. Heel snugs prevent snags and runs in hosiery and firmly stay in place for long lasting comfort.
  • Prevents rubbing at the heel
  • Makes loose fitting shoes fit better
  • Softer and thicker than other heel liners
Use to Help:
  • Reduce knee pain
  • Relieve shin splint pain
  • Reduce foot fatigue
  • Alleviate achilles injury pain
  • Absorb shock to foot, knee and lower back
  • Support weakened arches
1 pair per pack

Remove adhesive backing from the Heel Snugs. Position and place firmly against the back of the shoe. Make sure that the Heel Snugs are in a comfortable position.

Latex Foam
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