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Epaderm Emollient 500g
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Epaderm Emollient 500g

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Epaderm Emollient has been specially developed by dermatologists for treating dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
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Epaderm Emollient

Epaderm Emollient has been specially developed by dermatologists for treating dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

You can use it every day - just like an ordinary skin balm - but it's also a highly effective 3-in-1 emollient. This means you can use it as a skin moisturiser, skin cleanser or bath additive. It can also be used with specially designed Tubifast Bandages if you decide to try wet, dry or patch wrapping.

Specially formulated from clinically proven ingredients, Epaderm Emollient contains no additives, fragrances or colourings, and works by deeply moisturing and softening skin, easing discomfort and leaving it feeling fresh and looking good. You can be confident about using Epaderm Emollient as it is safe for use on babies and young children.

Moisturisers are helpful for dry skin conditions, particularly eczema and dermatitis, which get worse when the skin is allowed to dry out. Used regularly they help restore the skin's smoothness, softness and flexibility by helping the skin retain moisture. They should be applied frequently to prevent the skin drying out. In conditions such as eczema, using a moisturiser regularly, even once the skin has improved, can help prevent flare-ups of this condition.

Epaderm Emollient can also be used in place of soap when washing to prevent drying of the skin, and as a moisturising bath additive. After washing, the skin should be patted rather than rubbed dry to avoid rubbing the oil off the skin.

The active ingredients are Emulsifying Wax and Yellow Soft Paraffin. The other ingredient is Liquid Paraffin. It contains no colours, fragrances or additives.

To ensure sufficient skin rehydration, the following is intended as a guide to the amounts required per application for adults and amounts to a weekly total of 672 grams. Application should be at least twice per day. When emollients are applied to the whole body, it has been suggested that adults require at least 500g/week and children require at least 250g/week of emollient being used.

1 measure is 8g.

Face Ears and Neck: Half a measure twice a day
Hands: Quarter of a measure twice a day
Arms: 1 measure twice a day
Legs: 2 measures twice a day
Anterior Trunk: 1 measure twice a day
Back: 1 measure twice a day
Genitals: Quarter of a measure twice a day

Epaderm Emollient can be used as a skin cleanser
When caring for dry skin conditions, it is vital to ensure that moisturisation is carried out whenever possible. However, it is equally important that no soaps or products containing detergents are used, as not only will these aggravate the eczema, but they will actually increase water loss from the skin.

Using Epaderm Emollient as a skin cleanser ensures that dry skin can be properly washed without losing additional moisture, or having to deal with the problems that common soap additives might produce.

To use Epaderm Emollient as a cleanser, scoop a small amount from the tub, lather under warm water and then use as a normal soap.

Using Epaderm Emollient in the bath
Take 4g (about the size of a £2 coin) from the tub. Melt this in a tumbler of hot water, ensuring it has cooled sufficiently before adding to the bath. Do not apply hot water directly to the skin. When using Epaderm Emollient as a bath additive, care should be taken, as it will make the surface of the bath slippery.
Wet wrapping
Wet wrapping is a therapy used in the treatment of atopic eczema, and involves the use of an emollient, such as Epaderm, together with Tubifast Garments or Tubifast bandages.

An emollient is applied to the affected skin, which is then covered with a damp layer of Tubifast Garment or bandage. Working together, the emollient and the damp layer keep the skin hydrated and moist, and help reduce inflammation. The damp Tubifast Garment or bandage also acts as a retaining layer, ensuring that the emollient stays in contact with the skin. The damp layer also cools and soothes the skin and helps to reduce the itch. A second, dry layer is then applied, which keeps the patient's clothing dry and prevents further scratching from aggravating the skin and causing potential injury.

Dry wrapping

Dry wrapping is a similar process to wet wrapping. An emollient is applied to the affected skin, which is then covered with a single, dry layer of Tubifast Garment or bandage.
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