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Lactulose Solution 500ml
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Lactulose Solution 500ml

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Lactulose Solution 500ml

Lactulose is used to treat constipation, which affects almost everyone at some time in their life. This is often caused by a change of diet, a lack of exercise, as a side effect to some medications and some diseases. It is important to remember that constipation can cause complications if it is left without treatment for too long.

Lactulose is not metabolised or absorbed by the body. The bacteria in the colon or large bowel break the lactulose down into acids. This causes water to be pulled into the colon which results in the softening of the stool. Lactulose also promotes peristalsis (pushing food through the body).

Lactulose Solution is most commonly used by nursing mothers, children with constipation, surgery outpatients, pregnant women, elderly people or people with sever and/or chronic constipation. It may take 24-72 hours for it to take effect. To reduce the likelyhood of having constipation, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and eat plenty of fibr.

Lactulose (67.0% w/v), lactose and galactose.

Adults: Initially take 15-30ml daily for first 2-3 days (45ml may be given in obstinate cases) then 10-15ml daily or according to the need of the patient.
Children: Initially take 10-25ml daily for first 2-3 days then 5-15ml daily or according to the need of the patient.
Dosage does not appear to be related to the age or weight of the child and should be adjusted to produce the required response.
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