Samylin Small Breed 30x1g Sachets
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Samylin Small Breed 30x1g Sachets

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Samylin Small Breed is a liver supplement containing antioxidants for cats and small dogs with hepatic disorders.
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Samylin Small Breed

Samylin is a liver supplement for cats and dogs with hepatic disorders.

The liver has an essential role in many body functions, such as metabolism and storage of nutrients and is exposed to many threats and toxins every day. Samylin contains a complex of antioxidants that work synergistically to provide the best possible protection for your pet's liver.

Samylin contains the antioxidant Glutathione precursor SAMe and thiol donor Silybin, as well as vitamins E and C for the management of liver disorders.

Samylin Small Breed is suitable for cats and small dogs 2-10kg. For medium dogs 11-30kg use Samylin Medium Breed and for large dogs over 30kg use Samylin Large Breed.

To administer Samylin, simply add it to your pet's food once a day. Samylin should be used under veterinary supervision.
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