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Deep Heat Bath Tonic 350ml
Deep Heat Bath Tonic is used for the symptomatic relief of muscle aches and pains and stiffness including back pain, sciatica, lumbago, fibrositis, rheumatic pain, chilblains bruises and sprains including those caused by minor sports injuries. 
RRP :£3.19
Deep Heat Max Strength 35g
RRP :£4.31
Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion combines heat therapy with massage therapy to help ease tight, knotted muscles. 
RRP :£4.99
Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Cream is a warming cream with a gentle rosemary and vanilla fragrance to help ease everyday stress and muscular tension in the neck and shoulders. 
RRP :£5.99
Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Heat Patches provide soothing, warming relief for tense, stiff, aching muscles in the neck and shoulder area for up to 8 hours. 
RRP :£3.99
Deep Heat Rub 35g
RRP :£2.34
Deep Heat Rub 67g
RRP :£3.54
RRP :£4.69
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