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Lanes Teangi Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cream 28g
Lanes Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cream provides gentle, cooling relief from cuts and grazes, stings and skin irritations such as spots, chapped skin and nappy rash. 
RRP :£3.25
Lanes Teangi Tea Tree Oil 10ml
Tea Tree oil 10ml, is an effective antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is used in a wide range of products. All Lanes Tea Tree products contain the higher quality pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil for maximum benefit. 
RRP :£4.03
Preconceive Folic Acid Tablets contain the recommended daily dose of folic acid, which research has shown can help to protect your unborn child from neural tube birth defects such as Spina Bifida when taken before you conceive and during early pregnancy. 
RRP :£4.99
Soothagel is a mouth ulcer treatment that is proven to help speed the natural recovery process for mouth ulcers as well as relieving the pain. 
RRP :£2.85
Uniflu with Vitamin C Tablets 6s
Uniflu with Vitamin C Tablets provide relief from the symptoms of cold and flu, i.e. nasal and sinus congestion, headache, fever, aching limbs, coughing and runny nose. 
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